Registration for Prophecy School (Campmeeting)

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Seventh-day Adventists have been told to ernestly study the sure word of prophecy in the light of the present truth of the third angel:

“The light of present truth is a precious talent lent to God’s people by him who is truth. It is not to be hoarded, but constantly imparted. The Lord desires that his professed people shall themselves profit by the truths received. It is given, first for their own development—of heart and mind and affections; then for the help and enlightenment of those in the darkness of unbelief.
In this age the Lord is sending his servants with no ordinary message, but with special truths that must come before believers of every rank and tongue. Many of our church-members have never studied fully into the more sure word of prophecy, and do not understand the facts that have made us what we are. All should bring into exercise the powers of the intellect, that they may clearly understand the different phases of present truth, and especially the subjects of prophecy which were opened to us when the message of Christ’s soon coming was first heralded.” {RH, April 2, 1908}

bantFrom December 23rd until December 27th DEB-ministries will answer this call by inviting you to study the present truth of the third angel. Brothers Jeff Pippenger (USA), Thabo Mtetwa (Canada), Marco Barrios (Bolivia) and Parminder Biant (UK) will lead out in these studies.

De meetings will be held in a little village in the Netherlands called ‘Bant’. The address will be: Schoterpad 1 8314 RA Bant. All people that attend our campmeeting will stay in a small 6-person house sleep in a 2-person bedroom. Each house has a bathroom and little kitchen. The meetings and meals will be in a larger meeting hall on the same campsite.

In case you travel by plain please travel through Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. We offer a shuttle from the airport to the venue.




Feel free to contact us in case you have any questions.

May God bless you,